July 04, 2005

Personal carbon quotas considered

BBC Personal carbon quotas considered controlled by the ID Card of course. I supported tradable carbon credits for industry as it ment that the low carbon emitting power suppliers like wind power could actually sell something in order to get a revenue stream to get themselves to the point where they could compete with the fossil fuel based power generators on the open market. Renewable energy is not currently economically viable without some kind of support and this way seemed to minimise the chance of subsidy addiction as the level of subsidy would be decided on the open market.

This however I see no reason for this at all. People are not producers of energy, so you cannot trade some dredits with next door by sticking a little windmill up. Nor is not about supporting the renewable energy industry until they can compete on the open market. There are already means of discouraging excessive fuel use use in the form of fuel duty.

It looks like another way of New Labour trying to get even more control over what people do and when, in this case limiting freedom of movement across the country.


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